In year 20XX, the Earth was conquered by alien fish that stole all human weaponry. Most humans are now trapped in their cities protected by force field domes. But many are still in the wild looking for rescue. You must use your zeppelin to rescue as many people as you can and bring them to the cities! But since you don’t have many weapons, you may have to use some people as projectile… Good luck!


Those are also explained in-game, so you can ignore this.

  • Move your zeppelin with WASD or arrow keys.
    Approach humans to rescue them. The zeppelin becomes heavier with more people aboard.
  • Press the left mouse button sacrifice a human by throwing them at obstacles/enemies. Aim with the mouse.
  • You can throw people at cities to get a monetary reward. Cities are also are checkpoints.
  • If you're ever stuck, press R to restart (from the start or the latest checkpoint).
  • Press Space to pause the game and buy upgrades (or instant repair) with your money.



Fishy Rescue 1.0.2 for Windows (64 bits) 24 MB

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